Saturday, August 29, 2009


Where did the summer go?
I am presented with wind and rain and it gets dark earlier and I find it cold. I have hardly biked this week and that makes that I feel a bit guilty, I have this commitment to do the two rides in September and me not biking right now gets in my thinking as lazy. I need to give myself a break, I am not Lance-friggin-Armstrong, nor am I Alberto-living-in-sunny-Spain-Contador. I am Rose, I just started biking and the weather isn't all that good. This actually is the kind of weather that seperates the woman from the girls and the girls from the sissy's.
And I am proud to say that I am a sissy this week.

Honorary Sissy, that is me!

I have been taking care of some girly stuff, and I must say it has been an adventure.... that is a bit over the top, I have just been doing some other things really. Summer is almost over and there still is more to life than biking.

Check out this website >>>>CLICK HERE<<<<< it is in Dutch, so let me explain.
This is a foundation that collects hair for cheaper wigs for children who due to disease have lost their hair. People can donate their hair and the hair gets selected on color and a wig will be made from the hair of several people. Then the wig goes to a child.

I love that, I really do.

Since I am a sissy this week and taking care of girlie-stuff I had a hair job done and have a new hairdo, it is SHOOOOOOOORT.

And my hair will go to this foundation.
I have been thinking about donating hair to these kids, and yes I have wondered about the importance of hair when one is about to die. Does it really matter to be bold when you are really sick? I don't know. One thing I do know is that little things can make a day. For me, the short hair, I feel different, more fresh. I was a bit ashamed of my long hair, i felt like I looked like I wasn't taking care of me. Now I feel fresh and I have the idea that what I send out with this look is energy and strength and playfullness. So taking that hair away from my head already has that effect on my mind. I don't know what a wig will do for that kid. I do know that the small action of donating my hair, makes that I am excited. In a small way I am able to help. Small things matter.

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